Student Centered Reflection and Conclusion

Now that you have completed the "Renaissance or not?" quiz to check your understanding, take a few minutes to revisit the key concepts of the Renaissance from your class discussion, graphic organizer, and project or wiki so far.

Write a reflection on the characteristics that make the most and the least sense to you. If you have been working on a wiki page, add your lingering questions to your page. What terms do you really understand? Which ones are simply a memorized word for you, but have little meaning?

After you finish the reflection, explore the other wiki pages (or other projects) made by other students. Does anyone have an example that helps you better understand the tough concepts?

After exploring, go back and add another, NEW linked example and explanation of that specific concept to your OWN wiki page -- one that no one else has used. Remember to give proper citations as you did before.

Helpful links:


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yale University Art Gallery

Timeline of Art History (from the Met) - helpful information about the time periods of art

Universal Leonardo

Hyper History Online (to find out what "life" was like at a given time)

Son of Citation Machine tool for making bibliography citations


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