Unit Review Lesson - Lab Practical Lesson Plan - Lab Practical Handout - Lab Practical Report

Review Lesson Plan


· To review for the lab practical.


· Students will be able to answer 90% of the review questions.

Materials Needed:

· Review game Powerpoint template - Jeopardy-like game. RIGHT-click and Save Target As to save a local copy to your computer (with a logical name) and add questions and answers. Directions for use are included on the first slide. You must have PowerPoint software to use this template.
· Computer
· Projector

Anticipatory Set:

· Ask students: "What forensic science techniques have we discussed and performed in class throughout this unit?"
· Introduce the review game.


· Complete anticipatory set as described.
· Explain game rules. My rules follow:

Each team can answer any question. Students stand to show they wish to answer.
Score Out - If a person correctly answers five consecutive questions correctly, the team earns a 100 point bonus and the person is ineligible to answer the next three questions.
Fizz Out - If a person answers three consecutive questions incorrectly, the team loses 100 pts.
Final Question - Teams write down their wager and hand it in. The question is read and the teams write down their answer. Each team is provided with an opportunity to answer the final question and show their written answer.

· Divide students into two or three groups.
· Pick numbers to decide who chooses the first answer.
· Play review game until all questions have been answered or the class period is over.

Contingency Plans for Technology Glitches:

· Print out the answers and questions when creating on the computer. If the computer does not work on the day of the review game, a game board can be drawn on the chalkboard, or you can create a poster board game board. Read the answers and questions from the computer hard copy.


· No adaptations are required for this lesson.


· Review the topics of discussion from the unit.
· Explain that the final unit grade will be based on a lab practical that will last three days.
· Answer any last minute questions.

Reinforcement Activity:

· This is a reinforcement activity for the entire unit.
· The lab practical is reinforcement for this lesson.

Student Evaluation:

· Students will be evaluated based on the lab practical.

Lesson Evaluation:

· The lesson will be evaluated based on student performance on the lab practical. Students will be expected to receive a minimum grade of 80%.

Sample Review Game Questions and Categories

· Fingerprinting - These are the three basic types of fingerprints. The process of fuming to detect fingerprints uses this product.

· Glass and Soil - This is determined by dividing the velocity of light in a vacuum by the velocity of light in the medium. Soil is heated before being analyzed for this reason.

· DNA - This term is used to describe the shape of DNA. These are the four human blood types.

· Toolmarks - Toolmarks are made because of this. Unique grooves are created in a tool during this process.

· Ink and Fibers - TLC stand for the following lab procedure. Two of the three characteristics of fibers that can be seen using microscopes.