Lincoln Lesson Idea: Searching For Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Level - Middle School

Subjects - Social Studies, History, Geography, Government, Research, Writing

Students will examine locations and artifacts from Lincoln's time and examine their own local area for Lincoln connections.

Use the Looking for Lincoln - History Hunt to take your students on a virtual hunt during the month of February. Why not visit a new place each day, share the information, ask the History Hunt Question, and share the picture and information about the artifact. Share the information on your interactive whiteboard or projectors. Have students create their own "History Hunt Questions" about the town or state where you live and any connections to Lincoln, such as: Underground Railroad Houses, a courthouse that defends the rights of all races, or even a mint where they make Lincoln pennies. Have students share their History Hunt Questions on a class wiki.

If possible, take a field trip to one of the local locations!

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