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People With Dreams


· Coretta Scott King -Civil rights Activist, widow of Martin Luther King
· Harriet Tubman - African American Rights Activist, former slave
· Stephen Hawking - physicist, has cerebral palsy
· Henri Matisse - Artist, was crippled at end of his life
· Henri de Toulouse Lautrec-Painter, suffered from genetic condition of the bones
· Frieda Kahlo - Painter, suffered from polio and back injury
· Stevie Wonder - Musician, blind
· Frederick Douglass - African American Abolitionist and Publisher, escaped slavery
· Grandma Moses -Painter, suffered from rheumatism, learned to paint in her senior years
· Albert Einstein - Physicist, learning disabilities as child, fled Nazi Germany
· Leonardo DaVinci - Inventor, artist, sculptor, may have had a learning disability
· Franklin D. Roosevelt - US President, suffered from after-affects of polio
· Colin Powell - US Secretary of State, first African American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
· Nelson Mandela - South African President, held 27 years as a prisoner of segregation in South Africa
· Desmond Tutu - South African Archbishop, fought segregation in South Africa
· Langston Hughes -African American Poet
· Sally Ride - First female American Astronaut
· Sandra Day O'Connor - First woman appointed as Supreme Court Justice
· Jackie Robinson - Professional Baseball Player, first black American to play in the Major Leagues
· Rosa Parks - African American Civil Rights Activist
· Dr. David Ho - Asian Geneticist who cloned Dolly the Sheep,
· Amelia Earhart - Pilot, first woman to make a transcontinental flight
· Thurgood Marshall -first African American Supreme Court Justice
· Mahatma Gandhi - Pacifist activist in India, fought British rule
· Julius Caesar - Emperor, had epilepsy
· Lance Armstrong - professional cyclist, survived cancer
· Yao Ming - first Chinese professional Basketball Player to play in the NBA
· Caesar Chavez - Latino Civil Rights Activist
· Woodrow Wilson - US President, had a learning disability
· General George Patton - WWII General, had a learning disability
· Claude Monet - Artist, had failing eyesight


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