The Rock Family

An exploration of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks using Internet, note-taking, and concept mapping skills.

Content - Class 3:

1. Distribute the Rock Chart sheets completed last class.

2. Using those sheets, students will complete a concept map using THE READWRITETHINK WEBBING TOOL

3. Students will write the title of their project and their name in the NAME box on the site. Next, students will choose a circle shape and click the “Start Webbing” button.

4. You may want to demonstrate how to use this site on your projector or interactive whiteboard before having students use the site independently. Click the “ADD CIRCLE” button and create three circles. Be aware: when you click to “ADD CIRCLE” they automatically put the circles on top of each other. Once the circles have been added, students will need to click the move button/arrows to arrange the circles how they would like them. Have students label each of the three circles with one of the types of rock. 

5. Students should then “create branches” for each circle. To do this students will need to click to ADD CIRCLES again and add three circles to each main circle, totaling 9 new circles. To connect the “branch circles” to the main rock type circle, simply click "CONNECT" and then click on the two circles you wish to connect. The site automatically connects the branch. This will produce 3 main circles with 3 branches off of each circle. With younger students, you may choose to have them create only TWO branches off of each circle.

6. The information on the branches could include how that particular type of rock is formed, examples of the rock, characteristics of the rock, or whatever else you wish to include.

7. When students are finished, they click “FINISH.” Students will then be prompted to print their map. If students finish early, allow them to revisit the Rock and Soil interactive – (link the underlined portion to the following website -




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