TeachersFirst Quiz for Hamlet - Act I; Scene 1

This quiz will check to see that you understand the key events of scene 1.

Use the mouse or the TAB key to move from one selection to the next. To start over, hold down the SHIFT key and click "reload" on your browser.

1. The play opens in what season?

2. What is the name of the castle where the play takes place?

3. The guards of the watch are nervous because Denmark is preparing for war and because the guards have seen a

4. Who have the guards asked to keep watch with them this night?

5. Who is threatening to invade Denmark?

6. When the ghost appears, to whom does it speak?

7. When does the ghost leave?

8. After seeing the ghost, Horatio resolves to find someone and tell him of this walking spirit. Who is it that Horatio intends to tell?