TeachersFirst Quiz for Hamlet - Act V; Scene 2

This quiz will check to see that you understand the key events of Act V; scene 2.

Use the mouse or the TAB key to move from one selection to the next. To start over, hold down the SHIFT key and click "reload" on your browser.

1. Hamlet reveals to Horatio the story of his return to Denmark. Hamlet explains that his ship was boarded by

2.Hamlet reveals that he exchanged the letters being carried by ________ and _______.

3. Which character comes to inform Hamlet of the fencing match?

4. Before the fencing match begins, Hamlet apologizes to

5.What is "an union" ?

6. Where does Claudius place it?

7. As the match begins, who gets the first hit?

8. Who drinks of the poisoned cup?

9. Who is wounded first with the poisoned sword?

10.Who reveals that Claudius is the villain?

11. Name all those dead on stage at the end of the play. Put the names in alphabetical order. (Sorry, the programmers insisted!)

12.Who becomes king of Denmark at the end of the play?

13. Which character tells of Ophelia's death?

14. How did Ophelia die?