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Tall Tweets - Digital Inspiration

K to 12
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Up your Twitter game with Tall Tweets! This free, easy to use tool creates animated GIFs from Google Slides. Sign in with your Google account to access your slides, then ...more
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Up your Twitter game with Tall Tweets! This free, easy to use tool creates animated GIFs from Google Slides. Sign in with your Google account to access your slides, then choose a slide presentation from your Google Drive. Tall Tweets process your presentation by creating an image for each slide. Once converted, use options to select the width of your GIF and length for each image to appear. Use the sequence of slide option to change the order of slides or choose images to include in the GIF. After making selections, create your GIF to download or share via Twitter. Be sure to watch the Getting Started Guide video for an explanation of how to use this site and options for customizing your GIF.

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In the Classroom

If using Twitter, use Tall Tweets to enhance messages in a variety of ways. If not using Twitter, Tall Tweets is an excellent tool to help you start. Of course, even non-Twitter users will love this site to download images onto your computer. Pique student's interest in upcoming lessons using Tall Tweets to create an animated GIF of portions of your slide presentation. Encourage parent participation and collaboration by tweeting a GIF of classroom activities, including students involved in learning activities (of course, be sure to understand and adhere to your district's privacy policies). If you teach older students, ask them to tweet out a preview of their upcoming classroom presentations. Use Tall Tweets when working on professional development activities to share successes or upcoming professional development opportunities. Ask students to create Google Slides for any classroom purpose - create slides with different types of animals, share facts about states or countries, or demonstrate math problem-solving tips. Create your GIF from the slides and have students share them onto a Padlet, reviewed here, as a collaboration activity with their peers. Ask students to use Google Slides to organize information to explain an activity, for example, a science experiment, then create an animated GIF from the slides. After organizing their information, enhance classroom technology use and ask them to create an explainer video using simpleshow video maker, reviewed here, featuring the steps and science learned in the experiment. Take student learning even further using Wakelet, reviewed here. Ask students to use Wakelet as part of their reflection on their learning experience by including text, images, the slide presentation, and animated GIFs created using Tall Tweets. If students used Twitter to share their GIF, use Wakelet's features to include their Tweet directly into the Wakelet presentation.

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