March 3, 2024

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Featured EDTECH Resources Reviewed by TeachersFirst

March Events to Inspire Your Lessons

Recognize several special days and observances in your lessons this month, including Music in the Schools Month, Youth Arts Month, Pi Day, and Global Recycling Day. Find classroom ideas in the resources shared in this section. 

Music in our Schools Month

Feel the beat in your classroom with this curated list of music resources about sound, instruments, musicians, and more. Use these tools in your music class, in science class to teach students about sound, or share them with families.

Celebrate Music in our Schools Month »

Celebrate Youth Art Month (YAM)

March is Youth Art Month (YAM)! Use this professional article to learn more about the various arts. Discover learning activities, find book lists, read about famous artists from history and today, and view standards correlations and extension activities.

Get new ideas to try with your students »

Resources for Pi Day

This month, we pay tribute to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, otherwise known as 3.14159, π, or Pi. Engage students in the wonders of Pi with this collection, which includes a Pi vocabulary game, math Pi art, and more.

Discover resources for elementary and secondary students »

Global Recycling Day

Started in 2018, Global Recycling Day recognizes and celebrates the vital role that recycling plays in preserving the future of our planet. View this Reading Trek related to the book “Ada’s Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay.”

Explore activities and use the map as a virtual field trip of locations in the book »

This Week at TeachersFirst

Join us this Tuesday for our next free OK2Ask virtual workshop. We also invite you to our upcoming Twitter (X) chat and to apply to join our upcoming book club! Read about a unique global collaboration opportunity, explore a blog post about artificial intelligence (AI), and don’t forget to give your input in our weekly poll.  

  OK2Ask: Tech Tools Smackdown: AI Tools image

Tuesday, 3/5, 7 PM ET

OK2Ask: Tech Tools Smackdown: AI Tools

The bots are battling it out in this AI-themed Tech Smackdown! With new AI tools emerging faster than you can say "machine learning," finding the top tech can be challenging. Let our tech-wise teachers be your guides in this fast-paced, fun session!

Discover which AI-powered education tools are most effective for classroom use »

  Twitter Chat: Harnessing AI for Classroom Success image

Thursday, 3/7, 8 PM ET

Twitter Chat: Harnessing AI for Classroom Success

Come and tweet with us using the hashtags #OK2Ask and #TeachersFirst. We will explore different AI-based tools and technologies that can enhance formative and summative assessments and reflect on the future implications of AI in assessment.

Discuss the importance of assessments in the learning process »

  Announcing the TeachersFirst 2024 Spring Book Club image

Encouraging Empathy through Critical Thinking with Literature

Announcing the TeachersFirst 2024 Spring Book Club

Join our teacher book club to read and discuss powerful stories that promote identity, empathy, and social-emotional growth. Connect with other educators and learn how to use popular books to spark discussions that foster an inclusive classroom climate.

View the featured books and schedule »

  Across the World Once a Week image

Make global connections

Across the World Once a Week

Make connections beyond your classroom and try out this simple, social way for students to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals from students worldwide. Your class is presented with one question per week to answer about where you live.

Explore the details about XW1W and join the journey »

  Infusing Technology Blog image

Double feature: AI posts

Infusing Technology Blog

TeachersFirst's Infusing Technology Blog is a fantastic place to learn about tech trends and tools. This week, we’re sharing two blog posts about AI: “Using AI Tools to Bring Concepts to Life” and “What’s the Buzz?: Artificial Intelligence.”

Read these two posts about AI »

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This week, our poll asks, "Which of the following March events are you most likely to include in your lessons?" View the responses of other educators once you click submit.

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