Meet the Author: It's easier than ever!

Author studies are often part of classroom literacy units, and author visits can be exciting school-wide events.  Writers of popular books can take the mystery out of the writing process and motivate student writers.  If shrinking budgets or simple geography make live author visits to your school impossible, don’t despair!  Virtual author visits and interviews are easier than ever with today’s technology, and TeachersFirst will help you get started. 

This month we’ll introduce you to author study resources and to Skype, an Internet based videoconferencing tool that will help erase distance and classroom walls, inviting writers in to “meet” with your students.  Take some time now to think about books and authors you’d like your students to get to know; then give yourself some “sandbox time” to play around with the technology and tools that can extend and enhance literacy experiences for your students very soon.

IntroductionChoosing an AuthorWhy a Videoconference? • Setting up a Visit
Preparing Your StudentsAlternatives to Skype

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