Webquest 101

The Search begins

Now that you have defined the elements of your webquest, you’re ready to begin locating materials to include. We suggest two strategies to get started. Both assume that you have already selected a topic for your webquest.

Option #1 - Look at TeachersFirst, First
TeachersFirst has thousands of web resources listed by topic and grade level. Better yet, you can do a keyword search to find exactly what you are searching for! The keyword search option box is available on every page of TeachersFirst. While you may not be able to build an entire webquest from these resources, chances are that you should be able to find one or two good sites that will get you started or give you ideas. Try this option first, if you wish, then move on to option #2

Option #2 – Search Engines
Most of your serious digging for your webquest will probably result from search engines. Be sure to bookmark the sites, save the sites in your favorites, or use a site such as Symbaloo to keep track of all of your favorite sites! As you find good sources and use them, pay attention to where their information comes from. If they give you their own sources, you may go want to look at those.

Web searching is something of an art, and it can be endlessly frustrating if not done properly. The next page offers some tips to keep your searches fruitful.