Webquest 101

Try it out

When you first try out your webquest with your class, don’t expect the results to be perfect. Like any lesson, a webquest may take a little tweaking to get right.

  • If they want more – Give them more! Find some additional sites, go after higher level content, or expand on the information in class. For expanded independent study, see if there's an "ask the expert" site that deals with your topic. You can also collect a reading list or a list of links for those who want more information.
  • If they don’t get it – try re-examining your task. Is this quest something that introduces completely new information, or does it follow logically from what you’ve already studied? Sometimes all it takes is a better introduction.
  • If they get bored – you might want to add more higher-level content or sites with more visual material.
  • If they can’t follow the directions – be more explicit, break things into smaller steps, or slow down the pace.
  • If they don’t remember anything once the computer is turned off – try stating the connections more explicitly in your instructions.
  • If the computers (or Internet) aren’t working – (and this WILL happen sooner or later) have a back-up lesson, or set up your quest so that it can easily be swapped with another element of your unit.
  • If a site is down – Planning is an important element in curing this one. Check your sites a few hours before the class to be sure everything is working. If a major component of the quest is unavailable, you may have to postpone the quest.


For more tips on using the computer and Internet with students, see TeachersFirst's “Been There, Done That.”