February 20, 2022

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Digital learning isn’t just for students! You can participate in our virtual PD opportunities from anywhere with an internet connection. Discuss strategies and tools with other educators and our edtech coaches during an upcoming Twitter chat or, if hands-on guided practice with tech tools is your thing, check out our OK2Ask virtual workshops. And remember—it’s OK2Ask!

Special Topics Related To Digital Learning Day

Tuesday, February 22, 2022, is the 11th annual Digital Learning Day! Search #DLDay on social media to learn how educators are “creating robust, authentic, and personalized learning opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom anytime, anywhere.” Keep reading for special topics collections that can assist you in creating lessons. Each collection features a curated list of reviewed resources on topics like blended learning, OER, online learning, and much more.      

Grades K-12

Online Learning

As times have changed, online learning—an umbrella term that refers to any learning situated online rather than in a traditional classroom—has become increasingly common. Find resources in this collection to use in online learning lessons.

Grades K-12

Global Citizenship

Global citizenship helps students understand both world events and their role within the international community. Use these resources to help your students learn to respect universal values such as peace and the human rights of all people.

Grades K-12

Blended Learning

Blended learning occurs when a lesson combines digital media with traditional classroom teaching. Since some of the instruction is digital, students have more control over the pace of the instruction. Find tools to engage all of your students.

Grades K-12

Social Media

Teach students the benefits of using social media with this collection that provides professional learning resources for educators using social media in the classroom, tools to organize and share social media posts, plus some social media favorites.

Grades K-12

Create Media

Media comes in all shapes and sizes: videos, podcasts, posters, blogs, digital stories, and much more. This curated list includes some of our best tools for creating media in the K-12 classroom. Each resource provides classroom use suggestions.

Grades K-12

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open educational resources (OER) are tools/resources that are free to use, with open licenses to media, images, text, and more. Our OER collection includes readings, videos, audio clips, textbooks, exams, online courses, lesson plans, and more.

Grades K-12

Digital Citizenship

Modeling and helping students learn about digital citizenship is the responsibility of every adult in our students’ lives, including teachers in all subject areas and parents at home. Discover resources to share with your students in this collection.

Grades K-12

Copyright and Fair Use

This collection includes instructional activities about copyright and tools to help you legally use images, music, and texts, either through fair use or Creative Commons licensing. Use these resources to model and teach ethical use of electronic media.

Grades K-12

Social Learning

Engage students in collaborative learning experiences to create, reflect, and demonstrate knowledge in a social context. Some of the essential components of social learning are observation, imitation, and modeling—skills you can build using these tools.

Grades K-12

Media Literacy

Media literacy is a set of skills that helps people analyze, evaluate, and create messages in various media modes, genres, and formats. This collection of resources includes lesson ideas, activities, and more for teaching media literacy skills.

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Read this blog post related to Digital Learning Day to learn ways to get involved in this observance. This post shares a wealth of information about digital tools, lesson plans, and activities to get you started.

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